Introducing Brief Transitions™

They're the postpartum PANTIES you NEED but no one talks about!

You’ll be happy to have this disposable postpartum underwear in your hospital bag.  Or give as part of a gift basket to the new Mom in your life.

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Introducing Brief Transitions™

They're the postpartum PANTIES you NEED but no one talks about!

You’ll be happy to have this disposable postpartum underwear in your hospital bag.  Or give as part of a gift basket to the new Mom in your life.

Get a Pair

So, you’re about to have a baby and you haven’t heard of mesh underwear yet?

Well, these mesh underwear will make you almost as HAPPY as the baby you’re about to meet.

At Brief Transitions, we are all about INSPIRING women to talk about the things that never get talked about, such as the PURPOSE for mesh underwear.

Let’s be real HONEST for a second. This is what generally happens after birth (TMI alert!). You leak and you bleed for days (at least!). You need a squirt bottle filled with warm water to wash your privates and your body aches from delivering a human being into the world. You also need mesh underwear to hold everything together (and not put pressure on your incision if you had a C-section).

I had a tough time as a new mom. It was a shock to my system and the lack of sleep mixed with changing hormones didn’t help. At Althea & Anesi our goal is to INSPIRE women to be more CONFIDENT to talk about all parts of childbirth and motherhood – the joys and the struggles. Welcome to our site. We hope you find a community of #SUPERMOMS to celebrate with.

We believe in comfort

Features & Uses of Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Washable & Disposable

Brief Transitions™ are mesh underwear typically used after childbirth (for both vaginal and C-section deliveries) and are designed to be short term, yet reusable.

Fulfills a Purpose

HONESTLY, this underwear won’t be the most glamorous thing in your underwear drawer (and certainly not the sexiest), but they are PURPOSEFUL and your body will thank you.  

Post Surgical

Surgeries that leave you with bandages, wraps and a sore midsection can benefit from these mesh underwear to avoid pressure on your healing body.

Ultra Comfortable

Our mesh underwear utilizes a fabric that is stretchy, light, airy and breathable.  The best part – they don’t have an elastic waist band that puts pressure on your midsection or the C-section incision line.

Postpartum Home Recovery

Be prepared for your recovery at home. Brief Transitions™ are perfect to have ready and waiting for your return home with your baby.

Great Gift Idea

If you have a pregnant friend, be sure to share the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth with her.  Better yet, get her a pack of mesh underwear – she’ll thank you later!

Full Coverage

The size of your underwear after childbirth is very important.  Brief Transitions™ are the perfect size for keeping large pads securely in place — not to mention the ice packs that are often used.  



They come in black, which hides the mess (i.e. leaking – so be sure to wear a pad!) more than the standard white undies.   Don’t wreck your nice underwear!


If you are on the go and want underwear that you can dispose of after you finish using them (less to carry!) then these mesh underwear are for you!

Rave Reviews for Brief Transitions™

Shannon Loves Brief Transitions™ After C-Section

“I love Brief Transitions. The elastic waist avoided putting pressure on my incision after having a C-section.” 

– Shannon, New Jersey

Courtney Raves About the Comfort of Brief Transitions™

After speaking with experienced moms on what I would need after my delivery, I heard about Brief Transitions. I decided to order the mesh underwear for my postpartum recovery as they fit the description of what other women found useful after birth. They were so reasonably priced that I figured I would take a chance on them and order a few packs. They wound up being perfect for my C-section recovery. I wore them for a few weeks following my delivery. Not only were they comfortable, but they covered my incision nicely. Although they are disposable, they wash fine as well. I would highly recommend this underwear. They are a must have for a new mom’s recovery!”


– Courtney, New York

Kristin Says Brief Transitions™ are ESSENTIAL!

“These panties were essential for my recovery. A definite must-have and a great gift for any expectant mom!” 



– Kristin, New York

Kelly Says "A Must Have for Hospital Bag"

“Thank you Brief Transitions™ for giving me the protection and comfort I needed after having my baby! As a second-time mom I was much more prepared and aware this time around. These panties gave me the support I needed, and they were both breathable and stretchable. These post-partum panties are a must-have for all hospital bags.” 



– Kelly, New Jersey

Raving About Brief Transitions™

“These are an absolute must after childbirth!” 



– Lara G., New Jersey

How Brief Transitions Came to Be

My childbirth experience was not dreamy and blissful. It was long and exhausting — I’m sure most women can relate to that. After being in labor for 20+ hours I ended up having a C-section for medical reasons. I was extremely sore from my incision and I couldn’t wear regular underwear for quite some time. They didn’t fit and it hurt to have any kind of elastic covering my incision. Before I went into labor one of my friends told me that I was going to get mesh underwear from the hospital, that they are life-saving and I should take as many as I can home with me. She was right and I did. My hospital was kind enough to send me home with some extras and let me tell you – I wore them as long as I could until I had to throw them out. Then, I missed them terribly. I tried to find more, but with no luck. My mom went to the store and bought me granny panties that I had to cut at the waistline so the elastic wouldn’t bother my incision too much.

There are few things that are truly essential after childbirth – mesh underwear is one of those things (regardless of whether you have a C-section or not). After giving so many of my friends the same advice that my friend gave me, I wanted to make mesh underwear more available to women everywhere. For women having home births, for women whose hospitals don’t provide mesh underwear and for women like myself – who just wanted my supply to last longer. Not just in hospital white, but also in black – who wants to see all that gross stuff anyway, right?

Brief Transitions is here for you on your recovery journey and beyond.

Inspiring women. Celebrating life.

Something About Mary!

Hi, I’m Mary.

Becoming a mother has been the hardest and best part of my life. After having a difficult first pregnancy along with a shocking and stressful recovery, I became passionate about speaking out and making sure other women don’t feel alone during their first moments as a new mother. I like to think that I’m helping to break the stigma that goes along with struggling moms and open the dialogue to help each other.

I’ve always been someone that likes to connect with others. In my spare time, I am involved in a Mompreneur group in my town that supports local women owned businesses.

I enjoy spending time with my husband and two daughters in New Jersey and traveling to new places on vacation.



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Where to Buy

Brief Transitions™ post-partum underwear is available via Amazon.  Click the link below to purchase.

Friendly Support

We care about our customers. As a small mom-based business we like to make sure that you have a great experience with our team. Please let us know if you have any questions. We love to hear from you!

What size are the underwear?

Brief Transitions™ mesh underwear are one size fits most. They are stretchy and have the following approximate measurements: 
Waistband width 13 in (33.5 cm); waistband width stretch: 35 in (90 cm)
Leg opening 7 in (17.5 cm); leg opening stretch 18 in (45 cm)

Are they really comfortable underwear?

These undies are the real deal. Stretchy and comfortable to get you through an uncomfortable recovery situation 😉

I’m a petite lady will they fit?

Yes they will! These mesh underwear are stretchy and fit to most body sizes/types.

Wholesale: I love this product. Can I sell it in my store?

Please contact us to discuss sales options further. We do sometimes work with select partners and are open to hosting exclusive events. Email us for other ways to get involved and help inspire #SUPERMOMS.

Are these mesh underwear an acceptable gift for a pregnant friend?

Yes! We encourage you to be the best friend that you can be and that means giving the gift of the mesh underwear to an unknowing recipient 😉

What is your Return Policy?

If you decide that these mesh underwear aren’t saving your life, that’s ok. Initiate your refund within 30 days via Amazon and you will be refunded directly.

I'm not pregnant. Can I still use the underwear?

Of course! We recommend Brief Transitions™ mesh underwear after surgeries, while traveling, and just for general life as you see fit.

I’m an extra large lady will they fit?

These mesh underwear are stretchy so they fit most body sizes/types.

Can I reuse my underwear?

Whatever floats your boat. Our mesh undies are washable and reusable up to 4-6 times. If you don’t like the idea of washing and reusing them post-childbirth feel free to keep a little more in stock to make your days after childbirth a little easier.

Where can I buy Brief Transitions mesh underwear?

Moms (and Moms to Be) are in a hurry. We get it. Brief Transitions mesh underwear are currently sold online via Amazon with free shipping for prime members, of course.  😉

How do I wash my underwear?

Cleaning instructions: Wash 140°F (60°C), Air Dry. Do Not Bleach, Do Not Iron, Do Not Dry Clean.

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