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In the Media


In this article for Forbes, I talk about how parenthood has made me a better business owner. We all know that parenting is hard yet rewarding, and so is running a business! The similarity between the two has impacted me the most in how I schedule my time! 

Work & Mother

Work & Mother discusses her experience with Brief Transitions mesh underwear days after giving birth to her baby! Interview with the Founder of Brief Transitions included!

What To Expect

We’re so honored that Brief Transitions was named Best Postpartum Mesh Underwear in What To Expect’s series: The Best Postpartum Underwear to Keep You Comfortable After Delivery!

NBC News

I was included in an NBC News feature about working moms: “The rise of the stay-at-home working mom.” I am honored to be in such great company and to know so many amazing women that are working hard to raise a family while working on their own terms. 


Read about my journey of how Brief Transition came to be – starting with motherhood and the quest to improve the recovery process for all new mothers!

Brief Transitions gets a shout out in an article from featuring a round-up of ‘must haves’ for women who have just given birth.

Like a Boss Girls

In an article titled, 5 Women Revolutionizing The Personal Care Industry’– Brief Transitions gets a mention, alongside 4 other amazing women entrepreneurs. 


It was a pleasure to partner with MOMBOX and to see Brief Transitions next to all these wonderful products brings a huge smile to my face!  If you haven’t already, head over to MOMBOX and see what all the excitement is about!

We are thrilled that Brief Transitions was featured in Astoria in Heels’ blog post about what she was packing for the birth of her second daughter. 


mommy totes

Mommy Totes curated these amazing mommy hospital bags.  These are great for a baby shower gift or a new mom gift!

Shopify Talks to Mary

Shopify asked me a few questions on outsourcing order fulfillment – for those interested in some behind the scenes decision making, read on!

what to expect

Another mention of those oh-so-wonderful postpartum underwear …”and more of those awesome giant mesh undies you get in the hospital.”

Bump Boxes

So happy to have been featured in the special edition Labor Day box from Bump Boxes! Be sure to have all of your essentials for labor & delivery including your mesh undies.

Little Hoboken Blog

So excited for the #notsponsored #justawesome shout-out in Little Hoboken Blog! Being a part of the local community and working with so many other amazing mompreneurs is near and dear to my ❤️

Baby Gear Lab

Recently featured in Baby Gear Lab: Disposable Panties — You may be able to take a small supply of these home with you from the hospital. However, as lochia occurs for some time, it is nice to have on hand this 5-pack of Brief Transitions. These are comfortable seamless, disposable yet washable panties for postpartum use so you don’t have to roll the dice with your nice knickers.